Safety For All

Putting Healthcare Worker Safety at the Heart of Patient Safety

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To improve practice in, and between, patient and healthcare worker safety to prevent safety incidents and deliver better outcomes for all


Healthcare Workers and Patients

Our core aim is to make healthcare environments safer for patients and workers alike



We believe that raising awareness around Healthcare Worker Safety and Patient Safety among policymakers and the public will make everyone safer

How are Patient Safety and Healthcare Worker Safety interrelated? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a stark reminder of the vital role healthcare professionals play in providing care to those in our society who need it most, helping to shine a light on the fact that only when healthcare worker’s are safe can patients be safe.

The Campaign has highlighted eight key areas where poor Healthcare Worker Safety standards have an impact on the quality of care given to patients.

  1. Burn out

    Long hours, a high workload, fatigue and stress can all cause burn out.
  2. Blame culture

    The culture of assigning blame when things go wrong deters staff from speaking up about safety issues.
  3. Second victims

    HCW’s involved in Patient Safety incidents are often traumatized as they feel personally responsible for the event, having a negative effect on their performance.
  4. Education & training

    Improved education and training can help break down barriers to providing safe care.
  5. Breakdowns in process

    These can include a lack of critical information, the misinterpretation of information, unclear orders and overlooked changes in status.
  6. Medication errors

    Medication errors constitute the highest number of adverse events in hospitals, not only in terms of number, but as well in morbidity and mortality.
  7. Transmissible diseases

    Surface, airborne and bloodborne viruses are all spread through insufficient infection prevention control measures and inadequate safety equipment.
  8. Hazardous substances

    Long-term exposure to hazardous medicinal products can cause can cancer and fertility problems.

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Safety for All Parliamentary Reception

Safety for All Parliamentary Reception

Carolyn Harris MP hosted a Parliamentary reception with MPs, Peers and representatives of the wider patient safety and healthcare community
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Safety For All - Sustainability Webinar Summary

Safety For All – Sustainability Webinar Summary

On 19th April the Safety For All (SFA) campaign hosted a webinar on the topic of sustainability
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Human Factors and Patient Safety Webinar: 3rd May 2023

Human Factors and Patient Safety Webinar: 3rd May 2023

The webinar will take place on 3rd May from 12:00-13:30
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Sustainability Webinar: 19th April 2023

Sustainability Webinar: 19th April 2023

The sustainability webinar will take place on 19th April from 13:00-14:00
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Resource Library

The resource section is a collection of Safety For All materials as well as those sourced from a number of third party organisations to download. 

NHS Patient Safety Strategy: 2021 update

The 2021 update of the NHS Patient Safety Strategy

No Patient Safety without Healthcare Worker Safety

An article in the Lancet by NIHR Patient Safety Translational Research Centre at Imperial College London

RCN Nursing Workforce Standards

A new set of workforce standards from the RCN addressing patient safety, staffing levels, fair pay, and nurse wellbeing.

National Patient Safety Syllabus 2.0

A syllabus detailing the development of patient safety curricula for all NHS staff
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