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NHS Resolution Strategy to 2025

In this three-year strategy, NHS Resolution outlines its strategic priorities to 2025

Webinar: Update on ISO 23908 standard

Webinar to report on progress with updating the ISO 23908 standard on safety mechanisms in the design and manufacture of devices and the prevention of sharps injuries

UK National Blood and Body fluid Exposure Annual Survey

Eight national associations and government bodies are supporting the creation of an annual UK national survey of blood & body fluid exposures (BBFE) in healthcare personnel (HCP)

Mind the implementation gap: The persistence of avoidable harm in the NHS

Patients continue to die and be harmed by the failure to learn from unsafe care

Webinar: Challenges and solutions in healthcare procurement and supply chain that prioritise patient and staff safety

Webinar presentation slides

Challenges in Healthcare Supply Chain and Patient and Staff Safety Webinar

Webinar Programme

Safety For All White Paper

The campaign is calling for improvements in, and between, patient and healthcare worker safety to prevent safety incidents and deliver better outcomes for all.

Coronavirus: lessons learned to date

Sixth Report of the Health and Social Care Committee and Third Report of the Science and Technology Committee of Session 2021–22

Government guidance continues to put staff and patients at risk from the airborne nature of Covid-19

Fresh Air NHS, Patient Safety Learning and the Safer Healthcare and Biosafety Network are calling for urgent change to the UK government’s guidelines on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Enhancing psychological safety in mental health services

This study provides an overview of the types of strategies and interventions for increasing the ethos of psychological safety.


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