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Workforce Burnout and Resilience in the NHS and Social Care

Health and Social Care Committee Session Report on Burnout in the NHS

CQC’s Strategy from 2021

An outline of the CQC's new strategy, designed to ensure relevance, flexibility and responsiveness of regulation.

Blood and Body Fluid Exposures in 2020

An RCN survey into sharps injuries and mucocutaneous exposures in 2020

National Patient Safety Syllabus 2.0

A syllabus detailing the development of patient safety curricula for all NHS staff

RCN Nursing Workforce Standards

A new set of workforce standards from the RCN addressing patient safety, staffing levels, fair pay, and nurse wellbeing.

Guidance on Preventing Sharps Injuries in the MDR

Interpretation Guidance on Annex I, Points 11.1 and 22.2 of EU Regulation 2017/45 of the European Parliament and of the Council

Staff Guide to Improving Lone Worker Safety

An NHS Employers' guide for staff who work alone to improve their personal safety.

Managers’ Guide to Improving Lone Worker Safety

An NHS Employers' guide for employers and managers on what to do to improve the personal safety of lone workers.

Managing the Risks of Sharps Injuries

An NHS Employers' guide to help individuals understand and manage the risks from sharps injuries.

The health, safety and wellbeing of shift workers in healthcare environments

Guidance from NHS Employers on the impact of shift work on healthcare workers and the things employers can do to help


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